Research opportunity at the Museum

Engagement Fellowship  supported by the British Society for the History of Science (BSHS) 

Fee: £2000 for postgraduate student

About the Museum

The Framework Knitters’ Museum in Ruddington is a unique surviving example of a 19th century framework knitters’ yard. We tell the 400-year history of framework knitting, from its role in the Industrial Revolution to the Luddite riots of the 1800s, and how framework knitting gave birth to the Nottingham lace industry. We are currently undertaking a major National Lottery Heritage funded project to expand the visitor experience and extend facilities.

Our collections range from one of the earliest stocking frames to the most recent innovations in technical textiles and smart yarns. The stocking frame represents the first major step in mechanising the textile industry and played an important part in the development of the industrial revolution. Our Library holds copies of all the major classic works on the framework knitting and hosiery industries, together with complete runs of trade journals, academic research, histories of hosiery firms, confidential consultants’, market research and government reports. We have an excellent relationship with the Advanced Textiles Research Group (ATRG) Nottingham Trent University who are global pioneers in smart textiles and wearable computing.

About the Fellowship

We are looking for a fellow to research and develop content that will engage the public with this important and relevant story. We wish to create a distinct strand of interpretation across our small site that highlights the key characteristics of knitted materials and how each contributes to our daily lives. These will draw upon objects within our collection but also link to materials being produced by our partner the ATRG. You will have full access to our collections in order to draw out the best examples of innovation in design and engineering; the most significant uses of knitted textiles that have shaped fashion, economics and even politics. You will work with our team to develop interpretation that will engage visitors with the diverse influence this humble material has on their lives. You will be supported by a knowledgeable team of staff and volunteers and mentored by the museum manager.

This opportunity will suit PhD or MA students studying the history of science, technology, engineering and medicine. The student will develop valuable skills and experiences while producing outputs of high research quality.

Person specification

  • An interest in the history, science and technology of textiles
  • Good knowledge of either the history of science or industrial history
  • Experience of research using archives and collections
  • Experience in communicating scientific ideas to a public audience
  • Ability to plan and coordinate research projects
  • A commitment to diversity and representation in the stories we tell.
  • A current postgraduate student

To apply

Send your CV and covering letter outlining why you are interested in the fellowship and any appropriate experience to: Jim Grevatte 

Applications close midday on 28th June 2021

The fee is to cover the equivalent of a month’s work, but could be spread over July and August.

The work must be complete by autumn 2021


For more information or for any enquiries, please contact: Jim Grevatte