Shop at the Co-op? It’s an easy way to support us!

co-op-imageThe Framework Knitters Museum was delighted to be chosen as a recipient of Co-op Local Community Funding earlier in 2016. The funding has already raised over £650 which will go towards our Key Stage One educational programme (read on to find out more about this).

The really great news is that our funding has now been extended until 30 April 2017, so there’s still lots of time to raise money for us by purchasing Co-op own-brand products and services. Easily done with Christmas, New Year and the January sales just around the corner!

Choose us as your Local Community Funding cause today

If you live within 15 miles of Ruddington and have a Co-op Membership Card, you simply need to log in to your account online and choose us as your Local Community Funding case. If you don’t have a Membership card, it’s easy to sign up online or at your local Co-op store. To start raising funds for the museum, just remember to swipe your card every time you shop.

Once everything’s set up, the Co-op will donate 1% of everything you spend on own-brand products and services, plus the proceeds of carrier bag sales, to the Local Community Fund – and pass a share of the proceeds on to us. It really is that easy.

About our Key Stage One educational project

As you may be aware, the museum has won multiple awards for our educational work with children and young people. However, we realised a few months ago that our educational offering was primarily designed for Key Stage 2 and older age groups, with fewer activities for Key Stage One children.

Our Key Stage One educational project aims to bridge this gap by introducing new discovery-based activities that are specifically geared towards school children in this age group. These will be supported by a wealth of online and printed materials that teachers can use to prepare for and follow-up to the museum visit, and to tie in with the latest National Curriculum requirements.

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about our educational project, or to discuss other ways you can support the museum – including volunteering – please contact us during our office hours. You can find out more about the Co-op Membership scheme and Local Community Funding here.

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