Museum Wins £33k of Arts Council Funding

The Framework Knitters Museum in Ruddington has been awarded £33,000 by Arts Council England from its Museum Resilience Fund. The investment will be used to expand the museum’s site, create additional high quality exhibitions, and expand the range of events and activities for visitors.

Peter Knott, Area Director, Arts Council England, said: “In the Midlands we’re fortunate to have an exceptional mix of museum collections on our doorstep housing local histories and national treasures. We believe these museums – and the objects they keep safe – play a vital part in community life, helping us celebrate our heritage, deepening our knowledge of the world around us, and entertaining people of all ages. This latest investment from our Museum Resilience Fund is about helping our region’s museums become more sustainable businesses so their rich collections can be used and enjoyed for many years to come.”

Museum 1Paul Baker, museum manager, added, “Funding like this is imperative for an independent, charity-run museum such as ours. This money means that not only will we be able to continue to provide a fantastic experience for our visitors, but also continue to produce internationally-recognised projects.”

This was the second round of the Museum Resilience Fund. A total of 94 museums and organisations received a combined £12.2 million of funds. The funding is specifically intended to enable museums to become sustainable and resilient as businesses.

For more information, please contact the museum on 0115 984 6914 or

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