The Luddites

A historical overview

Read an introduction to the story of framework knitting and the Luddites and put all the education materials into their historical context.
Luddites to lace Factories – the essential story of framework knitting

Information panels on the Luddites from the museum


The birth of the Luddite rebellions

Using a variety of documents and activities, find out why the framework knitters were so desperate that they mounted attacks on the frames which were their own livelihood.

Responses to the rebellions

Investigate through a selection of authentic and present-day documents and activities how people responded differently to the Luddite Rebellions.


Explore the punishments meted out in the Luddite period using contemporary primary sources.

Hot-seating activity

Bringing it all together – working in groups with character sheets which use a range of resources pupils can role-play different points of view on a TV discussion panel.

Letters, journals and newspapers

The letters, journals and newspapers which are to be found in the cottages have been specially written to give clear indications of the causes of the rebellions and different people’s attitudes to them. You can also explore a contemporary account of the life of a framework knitter from the journal of Joseph Burdett.