Breaking the Frame: An Interactive Luddite Drama

Take the challenge and confront the dilemmas faced by the framework knitters. Will you join the outlaw Luddites, work within the law for change or be thankful for what you have in life?

This interactive film puts you in control of the story. Your choices will shape the direction of the drama. Developed with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund this cross-curricular learning resource offers a fun and exciting opportunity to confront both historic and contemporary issues.

Join Ben and a cast of memorable characters as he deliberates over timeless dilemmas.  Should he join a gang? Should he engage in criminal damage? Should he tell on his friends? Should he steal to feed his family? Ultimately IT’S YOUR CHOICE.

Select play and follow the instructions on the screen.

IMPORTANT: Make your choice before each film clip ends. Pause the film if you require additional time for group debate.

Download user notes: