Industrial Nottingham

Through early photographs we can trace the development of Nottingham as an industrial centre, following the invention of the lace machine by two framework knitters.

The contrast between the huge factories in Nottingham and the tiny workshops in Ruddington and other framework knitting villages can be seen in the section on Factories.
The gallery section on Framework Knitters can also be used to show these contrasts.

As Nottingham developed into the lace producer for the world, new housing was built as cheaply as possible in the already densely populated town. The filthy cramped conditions became notorious.
In the section Housing you can see both village housing and slum housing in Nottingham.

The authorities were slow to respond to the plight of the poor, but in the course of the nineteenth century a number of initiatives tried to alleviate the worst problems of disease and social distress.
You can see some of these in the section Improving People’s Lives.