Welcome to our gallery of photos and pictures, all of them relating to the story of the framework knitters and the developments in Nottingham in the nineteenth century.
Many of these photos come from Picture the Past, a website comprising thousands of photos from the archives of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire libraries.

Below, you will find the various groups of photos. Clicking the links will open a new browser. Alternatively, right click the links to download.

Framework knitters – Pictures and photos of framework knitters. You will find evocative images which show what their lives were like during the nineteenth century.

Housing – this shows the development from poor village housing to the cramped and overcrowded living conditions of the poor in Nottingham.

Factories – the growth of Nottingham as an industrial centre, showing both lace and hosiery factories.

Improving people’s lives – As the problems in Nottingham of over-crowding, such as disease and social distress, became evident, the authorities tried through different means to improve people’s lives.

A memory-jogger – See images of the information panels at the museum to jog your memory.

Photos relating to classroom activities – A miscellany of photos which are part of specific classroom resources.