English-based activities on framework knitters and the Luddites

Find a wide range of activities for English lessons which use our classroom resources and the experience of a visit to the Framework Knitters Museum as starting points.

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Debating – three activities bring debating skills to a role play activity, a discussion about whether Ned Ludd was a real person, discussions of moral choices in the film ‘Breaking the Frame’.
Describing setting and atmosphere – using the museum and the film ‘Breaking the frame’ as starting points, find ideas to help with evoking backgrounds for narrative writing.
Drama – using the film ‘Breaking the frame’ as a starting point, find ideas for play-writing, improvising, creating tableaux and hot-seating.
Letter-writing – using the letters which can be found in the cottages in the museum, find activities which set letter-writing in the present day and in Luddite times.
Narrative writing – sources for stories from the film ‘Breaking the Frame’, and letters and journals found in the museum, provide rich starting points for a range of story-writing.
Persuasive writing – find suggestions for persuasive writing using letters, posters and
arguments explored in the film ‘Breaking the Frame’.
Writing protest songs and poems – find examples of contemporary Luddite songs as well as blues songs, and links to an Amnesty International Protest Song Pack.
Writing a journal – the journals found in the cottages, and a contemporary journal by a framework knitter, provide starting points for a range of suggestions on journal-writing. 
Writing a newspaper article – a variety of contemporary and present-day sources are given as starting points for a wide range of activities focusing on creating a newspaper. link coming soon

All English PDF education resource pack: RFKM-EnglishPDFs.zip link coming soon