Cross-Curricular Activities

Find a range of ideas to use in the classroom for core and foundation subjects, drawing on films, authentic primary and secondary sources, and the experience of a visit to the museum.

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Art – a range of suggested activities, many of them using photos and pictures from our extensive gallery.

Science – an activity focusing on light sources, closely related to the frameshop in the museum.

PSHE – a range of activities which take as their starting point the interactive film, ‘Breaking the Frame’

PE – a dance activity for groups to create their own sequences.

Music – write your own protest song, using authentic Luddite songs as a starting point.

Maths – activities including sums with £sd, barter systems and census returns, all based on authentic documents.

Geography – find out where the hosiery industry is based nowadays, and how the workers are still exploited in the same way as the framework knitters of the East Midlands.

Design & Technology – using the Griswold circular knitting machines as a starting point, make a knitting Nancy and learn how to do French knitting.