Classroom Resources

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A visit to the Framework Knitters Museum opens a window on a part of East Midlands history which had an impact on the whole country. Strong curriculum links combined with a rich bank of resources give you everything you need to make this an unforgettable study.

The Visit Experience

  • find out about the harsh lives of the framework knitters
  • see their boss’s more comfortable house next door to them
  • experience the conditions of their unbelievably long working days – and find out what jobs the children did
  • learn about the Luddite uprisings, which started here in Nottingham among the framework knitters
  • through the interactive video, ‘Breaking the Frame: an interactive Luddite drama’, share in the life of Ben, the apprentice framework knitter and make difficult decisions for him by engaging in group decisions which determine every twist and turn of the plot.

Classroom Resources

Explore our huge range of resources for Key stages 2 and 3.

  • lesson ideas, activity suggestions and fact sheets to give you everything you need to study the framework knitters, the Luddites, the development of lace and the modern knitwear industry
  • follow-up suggestions for a visit
  • posters, photographs, letters and journals found rooms in the museum, census returns and much more
  • strong curriculum links with history local study, PSHE and citizenship
  • ideas for cross-curricular work in Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3 schemes of work focusing on the framework knitters through the nineteenth century


A chance to revisit your museum experience

  • Introductory video, telling the history of the knitting industry
  • Interactive video, ‘Breaking the Frame: an interactive Luddite drama’
  • A tour of the site, to refresh your memory