Chapel Gallery

chapel gallery logoThe Chapel Gallery at the Framework Knitters Museum is an exciting exhibition space which features the best in locally produced art. Regular exhibitions will feature artworks from our partners, the Nottingham Society of Artists as well as special showcases.
Artworks will be available for purchase. 

This is the only public art gallery south of the River Trent in Nottinghamshire. 
It will exhibit a variety of artworks from Nottinghamshire Artists, showcasing different styles, media and subject matter.
New exhibitions will start every 6 to 8 weeks, and will feature works from popular local artists. 

The Chapel Gallery will be open Friday to Sunday during the museum’s usual trading hours.

Chapel Gallery launchPlease visit the website for details of any restrictions as this space is also used for special events and hospitality.

See our News Page for details of any restrictions.

Entrance to the Chapel Gallery will be free, whilst normal admission fees apply to the museum.
The museum shop and café will be open to all visitors, as well as the general public, to purchase refreshments and unique gifts.

Please visit the Events Page for the latest Exhibition details.

Chapel Hire

Our gallery space is available for public hire.

This versatile space is ideal for regular group meetings and a variety of health and fitness activities.
The space can accommodate 60 people seated in a lecture seating arrangement.


Large open space
Disabled toilets
Large Kitchen
Flat screen DVD
Platform lift to balcony (exhibition space)

Enquiries & Booking

Why not book now online.
Complete the booking form and email it to the museum and we will confirm availability.
Alternatively you can contact the museum office Wednesday to Friday to discuss your needs and arrange to view the space.
See contact details at the bottom of the page.

The hire cost for the chapel is available on request