Framework Knitters Museum Nottingham

A Living Museum Nottingham

Nottinghamshire folk have been Framework Knitting for over 400 years. Isn’t it time you joined us?

  • Discover how the Knitters lived and worked
  • Visit the workshops and see a Framework Knitter in action
  • Create your own souvenir on a circular knitting machine
  • Explore the garden, the wash house and other period buildings
  • View our historic collection of hosiery including Queen Victoria’s stockings
  • See the poor living and working conditions, which gave rise to the Luddite revolt
  • Discover the craft, which gave birth to the Nottingham Lace Industry

Visit Nottingham’s working textile museum today

Shop in our Textile Emporium and support contemporary crafts. Relax in the museum tea-room or enjoy refreshments on the lawn.

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